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Only a former prosecutor knows how the prosecution thinks. I use my experience on both sides of the courtroom to fight for the best possible result.

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Former Prosecutor Now Fighting For The Accused

I am attorney Marc Pelta, and I fight for Californians accused of serious crimes. I will work to help you avoid the harsh and lasting penalties of a criminal conviction. I will use my experience as a prosecutor to analyze your case and build an aggressive defense. I defend my clients against all types of DUI charges, rape and other sex crimes, federal charges and drug offenses.

Trials can be emotionally and financially draining. Contact me to learn about your options and find out if a plea deal could be effective in your case. If we proceed to trial, you will have a recognized former prosecutor and proven trial attorney on your side.

My Goal: Your Freedom

Many of my clients face years of incarceration — sometimes life in prison. By hiring a private attorney, you are taking the first step toward avoiding this. My goal is to help you keep your freedom. I do this by using my deep knowledge of the law and experience as a former prosecutor to build a winning case. I know how to capitalize on the prosecution's mistakes, and I look for every opportunity to challenge the evidence and details of your arrest.

What To Expect

Based on many years of experience, I will help you understand the best, most likely and worst-case scenarios. I want you to get the best possible result. We will achieve this by working together as a team. You can help your case by being candid and by trusting in my advice and counsel.

Call 888-388-9030 now to discuss your criminal case. I serve clients in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. You can also contact Pelta Law online.

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