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Hire a Former Prosecutor to Stand by Your Side.
Attorney Marc Pelta knows the system.


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Most Attorneys Lack Trial Experience!
Rely on Marc Pelta to go the distance.
He was trained by the District Attorney to litigate.

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Get the right Attorney when things look bad

An inexperienced lawyer can take a hard case and make it worse! You get one opportunity to get your life back on track so make it count! San Francisco-based attorney Marc Pelta defends clients across California through strategic litigation and experience. Let Pelta Law get you the most favorable outcome!

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I Know How The Prosecution Thinks

The advantage of being a former prosecutor is that I know how they approach cases. I’ll use that perspective to make sure their burden of proof is truly a burden. I’ll build an aggressive defense that can withstand the scrutiny of prosecutors, judges, and juries. You can afford nothing less while your rights and good name hang in the balance.