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Law Tips To Think About

Misdemeanor Charge
  • Go to court 20 minutes before the time indicated on your summons or citation.

  • If you're unsure on how to plea, ask the judge to reschedule your appearance, which will also allow you time to contact a lawyer.

  • A judge may sentence you at the time you plead guilty or reschedule the sentencing hearing.

  • Jail time usually begins when you are sentenced.

  • All fines are due soon after sentencing unless other arrangements have been made.

  • Defendants under the age of 18 must have a guardian with them at all court proceedings.

Felony Charge
  • Certain misdemeanors known as "wobblers" can be elevated to a felony status in California.

  • The California Penal section 667 Three Strikes felony law is still in effect regardless of prison overpopulation.

  • Defendants previously convicted of a misdemeanor who are then facing a felony crime can be given a harsher sentence. 

  • First time felonies are punishable by imprisonment for one year and sometimes for life!

  • A second felony conviction may result in a doubled prison sentence. 

  • The third conviction could end with 25 years to life imprisonment.

  • You have the right to contact or change an attorney throughout the entire court process.

Federal Offense
  • Crimes that violate California law can also infringe upon federal law.

  • Some cases can be tried both in state and federal courts.

  • Charges dropped in state court may or may not be dropped in federal.

  • Federal investigators are highly experienced, well staffed, and funded.

  • Most federal cases result in some type of conviction.

  • A prosecutor is more likely to initiate charges by indictment for federal crimes, especially for serious cases.

  • Federal plea agreements aren't always written in the best interest of the accused.

  • Furthermore, a plea agreement can prevent you from a future appeal so make sure its a good one.

D.U.I. Charge
  • Many DUI stops begin due to simple traffic infractions like broken tail lights or expired tags.

  • Anxious behavior may be interpreted as guilt or suspicious conduct.

  • Refrain from sudden movements.

  • Don't exit your car unless asked by the officer.

  • Avoid making extra "chit-chat" or sarcastic remarks and remain on topic.

  • Officers have been known to lie in order to make you take a field sobriety test.

  • You can refuse a field sobriety test before an arrest is made.

  • Breathalyzer tests are not as accurate as blood tests.

  • You will have to give a urine sample at the police station, if blood or breath tests are not available.

Drug Charge
  • You can ask an officer "am I free to leave?", if they do not have a warrant or reasonable cause.

  • Everyone is entitled to see a search warrant before their property is searched.

  • If you're arrested, record the events that happened during the arrest (also record witness names, statements, timelines, police badge and patrol car numbers as well as any property damage.) 

  • Immediately document any injuries you may have sustained during an arrest.

  • Do not discuss your case with anyone until a lawyer is present, no exceptions!

  • Relatives or associates maybe used to testify against you, if you've discussed your case with them.

  • Your "cellmates" can also testify against you, so don't discuss your case in jail.

  • Carefully listen to your attorney's advice because it can save your future and freedom.

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