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Aggressive Defense For The Most Serious Crimes

It may seem hopeless if you or a family member is accused of a violent crime or other serious felony. But it’s never over until it’s over. A good defense lawyer will do everything possible to fight the charges or cushion the blow.

I am Marc Pelta, a criminal defense attorney who welcomes the toughest cases, including Three Strikes felonies. I am a former prosecutor and proven trial lawyer who will not simply plead you guilty. With your freedom and your future on the line, I am prepared to go to court with a sound strategy and put up a fight.

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When Criminal Charges Count As ‘Strikes’

As if jail and a felony record were not bad enough, some crimes are also a checkbox under California’s Three Strikes law. Convictions for violent felonies or serious felonies trigger increasingly harsh “throw away the key” prison terms:

  • On a first strike, the normal sentencing guidelines apply.
  • On a second strike, the minimum sentence for that offense is doubled.
  • On a third strike, the minimum sentence for that offense is tripled or 25 years in prison (whichever is greater)

For these reasons, it is critical to avoid a first, second or third strike conviction if at all possible. Prosecutors may be willing to negotiate to a non-strike offense. I also have experience with Romero motions and other strategies under the law to get previous strikes dismissed or reduced.

What Are Considered Three Strikes Offenses?

Examples of violent and serious felonies under the Three Strikes law include:

  • Murder and voluntary manslaughter
  • Rape and forcible sexual assault
  • Carjacking and armed robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Arson
  • First-degree burglary (occupied building)
  • Any first-degree felony (use of a firearm or resulting in bodily injury)
  • Selling drugs to a minor

A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

I served as a criminal prosecutor for three years. Those insights have made me a better defense attorney over the last decade. I know how police investigations work and how the prosecuting attorneys think. That allows me to anticipate their strategies and find the holes in the government’s case – sketchy witnesses, thin evidence, other suspects, violations of your constitutional rights, etc.

If you are facing a first or second strike offense, I do everything I can to get that charge dismissed or knocked down so that it does not count as a strike. If you are arrested for a potential third strike, I am fully prepared to go to trial to fight for your freedom if the prosecutor will not budge on the underlying charges.

A Skilled Defense Can Make A Difference

You will work directly with me. I will explain the law and where you stand, and present a strong and strategic defense. To schedule your free consultation, call my office at 628-258-8458 or use my online form. I practice throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.