Hire A Former Prosecutor To Stand By Your Side! Attorney Marc Pelta knows the system and how it works!

Experience Counts

Defense Representation From A Proven Prosecutor

When your rights, prosperity and reputation are threatened by criminal charges, you need a strong defender on your side. When you choose my law firm, Pelta Law, you are getting an experienced former criminal prosecutor who knows the criminal justice system inside and out.

Having spent three years in the prosecutor’s office, I know how the prosecution approaches criminal cases. I use this perspective to ensure that the burden of proof on the prosecution is truly a burden. With this multifaceted perspective, I am able to build an aggressive defense that can withstand the scrutiny of the prosecutors, judges and juries. I enjoyed my time as a prosecutor but opened my own practice in 2008 because defending people is my true passion.

Learn more about my credentials, including my time as a prosecutor and more than 10 years of criminal defense experience:

Affordable, Aggressive Advocacy

I work directly with my clients, taking a hands-on approach to each case I accept. I am a tough litigator who is ready and willing to go to trial to get the results my clients deserve. This stands in stark contrast to many California criminal defense lawyers, who prefer to reach plea agreements as quickly as possible to make cases go away. I confidently handle criminal matters involving DUI (drunk driving), drug crimes, restraining orders and a wide range of felony offenses. I also have extensive knowledge about restraining order litigation, including: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, and Elder Abuse Restraining Orders.

I understand the effect that a criminal case may have on your life. I work to minimize the damages, including the impact to your life, reputation and future. It is important to me that we pursue the best possible outcome, as I know what is at stake. You deserve a second chance.

I was recently admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. This is an honor extended to a select number of qualifying lawyers. It means that I can represent clients in cases that are argued before the US Supreme Court.

Do Not Hesitate To Talk To Me About Your Case

I know how the prosecution thinks and look forward to helping you minimize your exposure to damage from the charges you face. You can afford nothing less. Schedule your consultation today by calling my office at 323-430-9155.