Hire A Former Prosecutor To Stand By Your Side! Attorney Marc Pelta knows the system and how it works!

Experience Counts

Need A Second Opinion On Your Client’s Criminal Case?

Your client is looking at hard time or other serious consequences. The facts are not in their favor. Yet, you owe them the best defense possible. Do you go to trial or advise your client to consider a plea deal? What’s the right strategy? Where are the holes in the government’s case?

My name is Marc Pelta. I am a former prosecutor who has practiced exclusively in criminal defense since 2008. With vast courtroom experience on both sides of the law, I can provide legal second opinions and criminal trial consulting to attorneys in the Bay Area who need a fresh perspective or concrete feedback on a complex criminal case.

Legal Second Opinions And Trial Consulting

I have handled the full spectrum of felony cases, including murder and attempted murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence, rape, sex offenses involving children, robbery and burglary, grand theft, the full range of drug crimes and other high-stakes criminal charges.

I enjoy a reputation as an effective trial lawyer, and I have tried more than the usual share of cases, both jury trials and bench trials. I also spent three years as a prosecuting attorney, which gave me unique insights into how police and prosecutors piece together their cases. As such, I can knowledgeably advise other lawyers who are out of their comfort zone or seeking outside perspective:

  • Formal second opinions (case analysis, trial strategy)
  • Advice on handling Three Strikes felonies
  • Pretrial motions and trial tactics
  • Jury selection
  • Sentencing guidelines and plea negotiations

A Second Set Of Eyes

Any two lawyers may approach the same case in different ways. I offer a second opinion to lawyers to enhance or recalibrate their approach, or to defendants who are second-guessing their counsel’s strategy. With so much on the line, the attorney needs to be armed for battle and confident that they have chosen the best way to defend the accused.

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