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Restraining Order Defense From A Former Prosecutor

In our American system of justice, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. It doesn’t feel that way when you’re the subject of a restraining order. A restraining order limits your freedom, dictates where you live and can even keep you from seeing your children. If you have been threatened with or served with a restraining order, it’s crucial to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assert your rights and make sure your side of the story is heard.

At Pelta Law, I represent men and women in San Francisco and throughout California in restraining order cases. You can rely on me to look out for your interests and limit the damage you suffer as a result of a restraining order. Call 415-963-1152 today for a free consultation.

Helping You Fight Back Against A Restraining Order

As a former prosecutor, I understand both sides of restraining order issues. I have seen legitimate restraining orders as well as situations where restraining orders were used as an offensive weapon in family law cases to gain an advantage or punish someone. You can rely on me to get to the bottom of things and achieve the best result possible for you. I handle cases stemming from all types of restraining orders, including:

  • Domestic violence restraining orders (DVRO)
  • Civil harassment restraining orders (CHRO)

There is a tendency for restraining orders to be granted more often than not in an effort to avoid tragic and embarrassing situations where an order is denied only for someone to be harmed. Unfortunately, this means that good people can find themselves on the wrong side of a restraining order for flimsy reasons. As a former prosecutor, I understand the pressures they face and the rationale behind pursuing restraining orders. I can use that perspective to negotiate an outcome that protects your rights to a fair adjudication of the accusations against you and safeguards your personal reputation from harm.

Don’t Let A Restraining Order Ruin Your Life

There are two sides to every story and yours deserves to be heard before you lose your freedom and good name. Call my office at 415-963-1152 or contact me online today to discuss your defense options in a free consultation.